Rooms and Activities

Where chilren have fun, learn and grow

There's a variety of activities

With dedicated educators

Children at Marangaroo Child Care Centre are continually learning, having fun and building important social skills while being engaged in a wide variety of activities and programs.

We have classrooms that promote free expressions, free play, curiosity, questions and active discussions.

These activities and play are overseen by educators at all times to ensure child safety and to also encourage a warm and friendly learning environment.

Our team are passionate, experienced and dedicated educators who are included towards providing a harmonious learning for children.

Child making things at Marangaroo day care centre
Children learning to cook at day care

Shake 'n' Bake Activity

Children and baking…the perfect mix! Getting children into the kitchen to help you cook is indeed a win-win situation, regardless of their age and what you prepare. By interacting while cooking, children do not just learn how to cook—they gain a lot more.

Here are some advantages:

  • Eating foods and dishes from other countries allows children to learn about diverse cultures.
  • Reading and following recipes can help children improve in various areas, including science and math. It can also boost reading and comprehension skills.
  • Awareness about food preparation boosts cleanliness and organisational skills.
  • Cooking together creates a special bond and establishes feelings of responsibility.
  • Fine motor skills are improved with motions like stirring and pouring.
  • Simple math skills are enhanced by counting and measuring ingredients.
  • Children learn how to share, socialise and work as a team.

Messy Play

Messy Play sessions are on each week in our Baby & Toddler Rooms!

There are many benefits to messy play! Early childhood education experts say that play is the work of the child.

This is true for all kids, but especially for toddlers.

At Marangaroo Child Care Centre we roll up our sleeves and enjoy messy playtime with your little ones.

Messy play stimulates the senses. The tactile experience gained during messy play helps little ones experience a variety of textures.

During messy play, toddlers are developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

What looks like a mess on the surface is truly a learning experience for your child.

Kids enjoying messy play at day care
Day care teaching chidren about indigenous culture
Day care teaching kids about australian indigenous culture
Child doing arts and crafts at day care

Squiggles & Scribbles Art Class

Art Time gives your children an opportunity to explore their creative side as they experience new carefully planned art activities weekly in our fun filled friendly environment.

Using art as a method of ‘Learning Through Play’ the children themselves give each activity their own personal touch.

Sports & Outdoor Play

It’s not just about that indoor fun, getting outside in the fresh air is also important. With a qualified coach, passionate educators and a great outdoor environment, children are encouraged to play so they can develop their motor skills, and lead a fun and healthy life every day.

Children playing outdoors at Marangaroo Day Care
Rooms for different childrens age groups at Marangaroo Day Care

Rooms for various age groups

We have rooms with educators supervising children so we can cater to your child as they grow. These rooms include:

6 weeks to 2 years old
(Ratio 1 educator to 4 children)
This room is licensed for a maximum of 10 children per day

2 to 3 years
(Ratio 1 educator to 5 children)
This room is licensed for a maximum of 8 children per day

(Ratio 1 educator to 10 children)
This room is licensed for a maximum of 20 children per day

Mascot visits to delight the kids

A new regular feature to the Marangaroo Child Care Centre family, our new mascots Mickey and Minnie Mouse enjoy visiting the children to have fun, show off their dance moves, have afternoon tea with us and talk about their trip all the way from the magical world of Disneyland. They just love seeing the eyes of all the children light up. 

Mascots delight children at day care